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Competition 1: Built Environment – Closing Date: 5th October 2021.
Urban and architectural topics have been used before, however, under the heading of Built Environment, club members have more choice to consider the environment of man-made items, from a simple cairn, to a tower block and everything in-between. This wide scope allows plenty of subject matter to test the interpretation, viewpoint and artistic skill of your entry.

Competition 2: Rustic – Closing Date: 16th November 2021.
The term rustic can relate to natural, rough and aged in a simple or plain fashion, primarily within a countryside or rural environment. There is plenty of scope to capture this topic whilst out on walks, looking out for rustic objects set against natural surroundings or trying your hand with appropriate items in a still-life setting of your design. The challenge is to be creative in your interpretation showing the judge your technical abilities and understanding of what is rustic and portraying your subject in a sympathetic way.

Competition 3: Surreal – Closing Date: 18th Jan 2022.
Surreal can mean irrational, seemingly unreal or dreamlike. Take your pick from the surrealist painter, Salvador Dali or modern photographers like Tommy Ingberg, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found to create a unique and thought provoking image, whether you capture it in a single shot, manipulated or composite image it is up to you. How will you impress the judge?

Competition 4: Painted with Light – Closing Date: 8th March 2022.
This requires some degree of technical knowledge, some of which was covered in the Long Exposure talk back in January 2021. Painting with light is sometimes called light drawing or light graffiti and is the photographic technique of using a moving light source, such as a torch, glow stick or smartphone to alter an image while taking a long exposure. It can also include a flash with coloured gels or filters to paint light onto a static object like a tree. Check out Scottish born photographer David Gilliver who is a renowned light painter. Whilst we are hopeful of entries which have been painted with light by the author, we do not wish to exclude entries in which the lighting has been provided by others or by the use of fixed lights (for example, castles, churches, monuments, woodland festivals).

Entry form and pdf version of this info is available on clubs secure members page